May 8, 2020

I would say posting a blog ranks in the top 10 scariest things I have ever done in my life.  But...here goes!  There are three reasons I feel it's worth the risk.  

First, surprisingly, it's kind of therapeutic. I enjoy writing. 

Second, I hope it will keep our customers/friends/family up to date.

Third and most important, in my life I would say that the #1 thing that has helped me in tough times was when I talked to or listened to someone who I could relate to. I have had many wonderful friends who have shown empathy, love and support which I am so grateful for.  But, when someone can relate it brings peace that you are not alone.  I guess that is why the Savior is perfect at being our Savior.  I believe that He knows perfectly how I feel because He literally felt my experiences.  So, in my opinion those who comforted me by being vulnerable in sharing their experiences were being a type of savior.  And so, I hope that by sharing I can do the same.  I hope someone out there has just a little better day because maybe they could relate in some small way.

And so since this is my blog, I guess I am going to take the liberty of being me.  My daughter is a drama major but she definetly didn't get her acting skills from me. I have no pretense and I'm not afraid to say what I believe.  Don't get me wrong, I have no intent to offend but to just be honest. 

I am a Woman full of Faith that Struggles to be faithful. My greatest desire is to be a Disciple of Christ but sometimes I am Less Than a Saint. I am a Mother that is Trying to be a great mother to 5 children but sometimes I run Out of patience.  I know the heartache of Divorce and the struggle to Try Again.  I am a Hard Worker and also love to curl up on a cold day and Read.  My constant battle in life is to keep things Clean and Organized. I have struggled with my Weight and I like to Run. I love to Rodeo with my kids and my passion is Cow Cutting.  Most Days I Love the Ranch/Farm and some days I Hate it. Unfortunately for the reader, I have a dry sense of Humor.  And lastly, I would say the words that describe me most are Truth Seeker and Love

To put it bluntly, I believe in God, Womanhood, Wifehood, Motherhood and Ranching.  If any of those things offend you I hope you will kindly find someone else's experiences to lift you.  Otherwise, I hope something here will brighten your day...

Krystal Gurr
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