Krystal's Family...

The producers of Eggs, Chickens, Beef and Jams, as well as, the Livestock Hauler, Delivery Man, Coordinator, Secretary, Problem Solver, Salesman and any and everything else.

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The Crew...

Krystal- When I was young I lived in a large town in Idaho.  We later moved to a small farm in a small farming community.  I felt like I had found my place in the world. I was involved in 4-H and FFA.  I later went to college and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science.  My dream has always been to have a family and a ranch. Honestly I hadn't every really thought of marketing my own farm fresh foods but I love it.  It is so rewarding to be involved from start to finish.  I love feeding the chickens, gathering the eggs, washing and packaging them and then seeing the faces of those who will enjoy them. I also love working with other farming and ranching families.  It is a privilege to have access to their talent, experience, knowledge and resources.. 

Kaycee- Kaycee just returned from serving a religious mission in the Eugene, Oregon area. I am so proud of her.  She was amazing before she left but she came home an even more refined hardworking, dedicated and compassionate young woman.  Her plan is to head to college in the fall.

Rylee- Someone once described Rylee as uninhibited.  Wow, that definitely fits. She says it like it is and isn't afraid of much.  She loves snowmobiling, snowboarding, volleyball and has an amazing singing voice.

Bailee- Bailee loves the farm as much as I do.  She also does volleyball and basketball.  Bailee is very kind and sometimes can be timid.  But, don't let that fool you...she is very strong-willed.

Paden- He is all boy. Paden loves wrestling, hunting, guns and knives.  Currently he is obsessed with his survival pack.  I definitely would want Paden around in a bad situation. He also has a very soft heart for people and animals.

Paige- Paige is upside down more than she is right side up.  She is an aspiring gymnast and comes by it naturally.  She is definitely the spunk of the family and has an enormous amount of life in a tiny body.

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My Beliefs...

* Faith- I believe in a loving Heavenly Father and in my Savior,    Jesus Christ.
* Family-
My 5 children are my world.  I love being a mom!

* Farming- I love doing what I am passionate about, which is      Agriculture and providing local farm fresh foods from my      family to yours.

* Friends- I couldn't have gotten through life without my loving    friends.  This business has opened up doors to creating even       more meaningful relationships. I am amazed by your    kindness, patience and understanding.  Thank You!

My Goals...

* Provide a variety of quality, nutritious, reliable products that      the average household can afford, conveniently delivered to        them. 

* Provide local farmers and ranchers the opportunity        to market their products to strengthen their operation.

* Provide for my family through Agriculture, which cultivates a     great environment to raise children.

* Offer my friendship.

* My greatest goal is to be an example of the happiness that      comes from being a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

"Traditional Family Farms Brings Faith, Family, Farms and Friends Together"