The Faces Behind the Farms...

Things don't always turn out the way you plan... Sometimes they turn out better. When we were deciding on the name for our business I felt inspired that "Farm" should be plural, although not really knowing why. But it has proven to be prophetic. Traditional Family "Farms" has evolved into an amazing group of farming and ranching families working together.

Why it's better...

* Traditional Family Farms is able to provide a greater variety of quality products.
* Working with other families gives me the time needed to focus on the customer and offer home delivery.
* Providing the infrastructure to market products blesses many farm and ranch families as well as my own.
* Working with other ranching and farming families provides a wealth of talent, knowledge, experience and resources.

* Most important, it gives my family the opportunity to raise animals, which we love.  Also, it allows me to still have time to be a mom!

The King Family...

The Producers of Goat Cheese and White Breads.

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Elizabeth grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Rock Springs.  Her and her husband, Zech, have 7 children.  They moved to Farson in 2015.  Elizabeth is an extremely capable woman.  She homeschools her children, is involved in the community and her church and still has time for her little farm.  Her Goat Cheeses are amazing!  Elizabeth also makes our Homemade Breads and Desserts.

Elizabeth raises Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  She feeds them a mixture of oats, barley, black sunflower seeds, goat mineral and balancer.  She does not use any corn products. 

Ballard Hog Farm...

The producer of Traditional Family Farms' Pork

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Ballard Hog Farm is located in Benson, Utah.  Todd Ballard and his wife have 8 children and 16 grandchildren.  He has been raising pigs since he was 16, which gives him about 45 years of experience.  Todd's sons, Jace and Clint, work with their dad to run the family farm and are fifth generation farmers. Having personally seen the hardships of agriculture, my hat goes off to the Ballard's for supporting five generations in agriculture.

The three of them work together to raise the pigs and well as produce most of the feed on their 2000 acre farm.  The pigs are fed Oats, Wheat and Barley.  The pigs are also fed a minimal amount of corn and soybean meal.

The Merrill Family...

The Producers of Beef

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Louis Merrill grew up in Rigby, Idaho.  He and his wife, Karen, have a ranch there.  They are the parents of 6 children and 26 grandchildren.  They have been ranching for 60 years.  Louis and Karen run about 700 Black Angus/Charolais mother cows. One of the greatest joys I have is the opportunity to work with "Good 'ol Boys" like Merrill.  When visiting with him it is evident within just a few minutes that Merrill has the attributes that I so admire in our older generation.  He is kind, generous knowledgeable, hard working and has had enough life experiences to be humble and confident.  

The Merrill's finish their steers on hay, corn silage and ground corn.

The Riley Family...

The Producers of Fruits and Vegetables.

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Jordan grew up working on the family orchard in Payson, Utah.  Him and his wife, Carlie, have two daughters, Frannie and Willa.  Jordan graduated from college with a degree in education and taught for a year but missed the farm life.  Eventually Jordan and Carlie moved to Perry, Utah where he runs his own operation.  

Jordan's family produces Peaches, Tomatoes, Plums, Apricots, Cherries, Apples and Nectarines.  I have enjoyed being on Jordan's farm and working with him.  One thing that has touched my heart is being there when the men pull into the shop with a trailer full of fruit they had just picked and then load me up.  I admire their hard work.  I feel humbled to bring it straight from their hands to yours.

The Hodder Family...

The Producers of Honey

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James Hodder moved to Farson, Wyoming when he was 12 years old.  He and his wife Susan have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great-granchildren. They started producing honey in the '70's.  With 50 years of experience, they have accumulated a vast knowlege of beekeeping.  

The Hodder's have Italian and Carniolan bees.  The bees summer in Boulder and Farson, Wyoming.  They will then spend three months in winter storage in Blackfoot, Idaho. In late January they go into almond pollination in Northern California.  And finally, the bees are moved to Oregon before coming back home to Farson.  .  

The Beavers Family...

The Producers of Goat's Milk

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Megan is a native of Farson, Wyoming.  Her and her husband, Michael, have a daughter named Kaylie.  Megan is an amazing Veterinarian and Farson is lucky to have her.  

Wind River Kinders started in 2018. Megan wanted a breed of goat that was easy to handle and was efficient with food. She ended up choosing the Kinder (German for kid) because of their mid size, dual purpose nature and their high butterfat tasty milk. She has a small herd sourced from excellent breeders across the country. They are fed alfalfa hay from the Eden Valley and supplemented with grain from Idaho. 

Traci Uhland...

The Producer of Homemade Breads and Desserts

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Traci Uhland and her husband Steve have 6 children and 18 grandchildren.  They have a ranch in Colorado where they run a cow/calf operation.  They currently live in Rock Springs where Steve works as a pilot for the USDA.  Traci owned a restaurant and bakery for about 5 years. She has also had a catering business since 2002. Her passion and devotion are definitely to her family but baking is a close second.  And believe me, you can taste it! 

Traci uses Traditional Family Farms' products in her baking as well as only Non-GMO seasonal ingredients.  In addition, she ONLY uses butter for ALL of her baking. 

Loreen Grandy...

The Producer of Cow's Milk and other Dairy Products

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Loreen grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana.  She loved ranch life and especially love training horses.  Loreen moved to Farson, Wyoming in 2007 when she married her husband Butch.  They have a son named Rueben.  It was at that time that she started milking cows.  I can attest to the fact that Loreen is passionate about what she does and the health of her animals and the integrity of her milk.

Loreen raises Jersey/Brown Swiss A2A2 cows.  Her cows are fed naturally with alfalfa and Barley, Oat and Pea Hay.  All of Loreen's feed is non-GMO.  Her cows are not given hormones or antibiotics while being milked.  If antibiotics are required that cow is pulled off the milking line.  She also feeds apple cider vinegar as an antibiotic along with minerals containing kelp.

The Duncombe Family...

The Producers of Geese Eggs and Turkeys...

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Tyler Duncombe grew up in Utah and his wife Amanda grew up in Green River, Wyoming. They both grew up raising small animals and loved it.  Tyler had the prize winning Turkey at his local fair.   After they were married they moved to Farson where they followed their dream of having their own farm.  When my children were little we would visit the Duncombe Farm "Petting Zoo" for birthday parties.  I think Amada has at least one of everything and I can personally attest to the fact that she loves each one.

The Duncombe's feed their geese a high protein grain and sweet feed which consists of corn, oats, barley and molasses.  Their geese are also free range and diet on grass as well.

"Traditional Family Farms Brings Faith, Family, Farms and Friends Together"